Here’s some images of the final panels woven in the 2012 WEAVATHON event, inspired by the topographical landscape of West Kilbride and it’s textile heritage.

More images documenting the whole residency programme can be seen here: WEAVATHON on Pinterest



Weavathon exhibition opening

The weaving is all done now, thanks to everyone who came along and took part in the weavathon. Here’s an insight into some of the happenings from Craft Town Scotlands’ very own blogger Cara: craft town scotland blog.

I’ve spent this week recovering and finishing the samples- washing, pressing and darning them ready to be hung in the upstairs exhibition space. My 6 weeks here has flown by in a whirlwind of weaving, running and creative flourishes so it’s nice to have some time now to reflect on my time here and think about how this project can develop afterwards- more thoughts on this to follow but first I must get the show ready!

The new exhibition in the main gallery- Modern Languages– opens on Saturday 14th July and the weavathon fabrics will be on display upstairs so you can see the resulting designs and, if you took part, see if you can spot your part in the hand-loom samplers too.

You are invited to the exhibition preview tomorrow afternoon (Friday 13th July, 3-5pm and 6.30-8pm) for drinks and a chance to meet some of the makers and the wonderful team who run the Barony Centre, hope you can make it along!


WEAVATHON: halfway point

So I’m over halfway through now and speeding through lots of weaving. There’s been lots of visitors call by to take part: locals, fellow weavers, people passing through West Kilbride from far off places; a couple from the Outer Hebrides- the windswept islands where Harris Tweed is woven- had a go on the hand-looms whilst reminiscing about learning hand-weaving in primary school, a part of their heritage taught from an early age. It’s been great hearing peoples reactions to the work and spreading the weaving love.

Fellow weaver Sheilagh Tacey came to visit with her adorable new  puppy Aggie (bit of a distraction!). Here’s her blog about the work-in-progress:


While I’ve been weaving my designs in the workshop, a new exhibition- Modern Languages- is being hung in the exhibition space below, the exhibition team busily constructing the show ready for its opening next Friday. Curated by Katy West it features a mixture of craft disciplines with conceptual narratives- including the wonderful work of Deirdre Nelson- it’s not to be missed.

Modern Languages opens Saturday 14th July 2012, with exhibition preview on Friday 3-5pm.

Right, better get back to the loom!


It’s started! 4 handlooms, 24 hours of weaving across 2 days: come along to take part and create part of the design!

Craft Town Scotland WEAVATHON Blog Post

Cara is the blogger at Craft Town Scotland and has written this lovely feature about my weavathon project after coming for an early morning jog with me:


Here’s the GPS breakdown of our run which will form one of the patterns in my weavathon designs, thanks Cara for joining me and showing me your running route down to the beach- great way to start the day!

Warp speed ahead!

I went through to Edinburgh last weekend to take part in a late night training session for Speed of Light, a hill running art event in the Edinburgh Festival this August. In groups we donned specially made light suits and ran around the hilly terrain below Arthurs Seat in the dark, illuminating the landscape in choreographed patterns. We stopped periodically in the darkness to gather together, catch our breath and watch the other groups ‘perform’ around us.

It was beautiful and will look amazing in the show, but it was much harder work than I had thought! My knees ached under the weight of the battery pack and I was exhausted despite all my training so far, my left knee swelling up and aching the next morning in protest. I have had to take a few days off to recover but will be stepping up my training from now on to make sure I’m in good shape for the actual event!

Back in the studio, I’ve started weaving samples on my computerised loom- the designs are based on abstract breakdowns of the graphs and numerical data from my GPS running apps, with colours from the landscape and running gear. The first stage is to work out the technical structures and patterns on the loom which will represent the topography of the runs. It is slow going at this stage as I stop and start a lot, going back to the computer to make adjustments and changing bobbins as I try out different yarns and colours. Weaving is quite physical, especially hard with tired legs after all the hill running. Once I’ve worked out the patterns I can get into more of a rhythm and weave much quicker, so I’m looking forwards to seeing how much I can weave in the WEAVATHON this weekend.

Alongside my own designs, I’ve got 3 small hand-looms set up in the studio for visitors to try out. During the weave taster sessions and open studio days, budding weavers have choosen colours and woven colourful stripey sections. Most are surprised about how quick it is once you get going and some have stayed to try out more colours and patterns- there’s been some super bright yarn choices! Anyone can call by this weekend during the WEAVATHON to have a go and weave a section too. The resulting multi-coloured stripes woven by all those who have taken part will be on display in the Barony Centre afterwards so you can come and see your part!

Last week I was also invited to take part in a youth leaders sports day with North Ayrshire council high school pupils. Due to my knee injury, I couldn’t take part in the more active sports but had a go at Archery, watched some of the local gymnasts training in the amazing facilities at Inverclyde and got into the Wimbledon spirit on the tennis courts. This was a great chance to think about how other sports could be incorporated into this project, observing the different movements, environment and equipment for each.

Open Studios update!

My studio door here at the Barony Centre will be open today (Friday 29th June) and tomorrow (Saturday 30th) from 2pm – 4pm. I’ll be doing weaving demos and have hand-loom set up for visitors to have a go and weave some colourful stripes.

So if you’d like to find out what’s going on here and see work-in-progress for my weavathon project, please call by and say hello. I’d love to hear what you think about the project and show you how the ideas have developed during my time here, plus it’s the last weekend of the Crafts Council ‘Lab Craft’ exhibition so catch it while you can!

You can find me at:

The Barony Centre, 50 Main Street, West Kilbride, North Ayrshire, KA23 9AW, only 5 minutes from West Kilbride train station or there’s free parking beside the centre.

Googlemaps: http://bit.ly/OIece8